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40 Questions For Christians Defending Marriage

This post is in response to post by Kevin DeYoung of the Gospel Coalition. Kevin responded here “40 Questions For Christians Waving Rainbow Flags” to the recent SCOTUS decision, and especially to the “Christians” who used Facebook to give, as Kevin puts it, “a hearty ‘Amen’ to a practice we still think is a sin and a decision we think is bad for our country.” I too lament the decision, but I can truly say that I am not surprised by the decision, nor am I surprised by the reaction of a people who not only celebrate the decision, but who long ago capitulated on divorce and remarriage as not being a sin, and that this position would be bad for our country. 

The very irony of all of this is the fact the rainbow is the “covenant” symbol of God’s mercy, indicating that He will no longer purge the earth with water.  (Gen 9:8-17) The people God destroyed are not unlike the people in today’s world. The Lord Jesus Christ even foretold that His return will be as the days of Noah. The second coming will not end in a flood, but by fire. (2 Peter 2:4-12)

Matthew 24:37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark. And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
If we as a nation believe the rise of lawlessness started here, we truly have been blind all along. The devastating effects of divorce and remarriage have long since corrupted a nation estranged from God. Combine this with a consumer-based Christianity that has embraced the nuances of culture, and you have a recipe for disaster. Yes, there are voices speaking out to repent and turn back to the Lord, but many of these voices are muffled by their own acceptance and ignorance by believing God approves of divorce and remarriage.       

So here is my attempt to ask 40 questions to the evangelicals who believe that marriage redefinition began with believing God offers exceptions and excuses for the regenerated believer to exit a covenant of marriage. As always, I pray that the Holy Spirit would reveal the truth of God’s design for marriage and how this covenant reflects the new covenant of the grace and truth of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

"If you consider yourself a Bible-believing Christian, a follower of Jesus whose chief aim is to glorify God and enjoy him forever, there are important questions I hope you will consider your own understanding of  one-flesh covenant marriage before you ever seek to defend the truth of this definition against the flag waving sexual revolutionaries. These questions aren’t meant to be snarky or merely rhetorical. They are sincere, if pointed, questions that I hope will cause my brothers and sisters to repent of believing that a one-flesh covenant marriage is dissolvable by divorce, and that marriage definition is in the hands of His creation."

  1. What is God’s design for marriage?
  2. What did the Lord Jesus Christ say about marriage? (Matthew 19:4-6; Mark 10:6-9)
  3. What is the definition of marriage “as it was in the beginning”? (Gen 2:24)
  4. What do the words “cleave” and "one-flesh" mean?
  5. Did the Lord Jesus Christ say that man may put a marriage asunder?
  6. Is the law of marriage today “as it was in the beginning”, or is the law of marriage under the Law of Moses?
  7. Did God permit divorce under the Law of Moses?
  8. If God permitted divorce under the Law of Moses, why did the Lord Jesus Christ say “Moses” permitted divorce because of “hard hearts”? (Matthew 19:8; Mark 10:5)
  9.  Is a “hard heart” an attribute of a spirit-filled blood bought believer saved by the grace of God through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ?
  10. Is a person hardhearted if he or she divorces and/or believes a divorce ends what God has joined together?
  11.  Is divorce an option if the law of marriage today is as it was in the beginning?
  12. If you believe divorce is an option, would this contradict the law of marriage of today?
  13. If you believe it does not contradict today’s law of marriage, what verses do you use to make your point?
  14. What did the Lord Jesus Christ command of the husband of marriage? (1Cor 7:11)
  15. Does this command contradict any scripture that you believe tells you a husband may divorce his wife for a particular reason?
  16. What did the Lord command for the wife of marriage? (1 Cor 7:10,11)
  17. Does this command contradict any scripture that you believe tells a wife she may divorce her husband and marry another?
  18. Do these verses give any exceptions? (1 Cor 7:10,11)
  19. If you believe the Lord Jesus Christ gives exceptions, do these exceptions contradict today’s law of marriage?
  20. Do these exceptions appear in similar verses?
  21. If these exceptions do not appear in similar verses, could these exceptions pertain to a specific instance?
  22. What is the significance of a covenant?
  23. Does God recognize vows of covenant?
  24. Is marriage a vow of covenant?
  25. Is God a participant of a covenant?
  26. What is the only way to end a covenant?
  27. What is the consequences of those who break a covenant to God?
  28. If we make a marriage covenant to God, will He hold us responsible for the actions of our spouse?
  29. If we make a marriage covenant to God, will He hold our spouse responsible for our actions?
  30. Can we know if the actions of our spouse will lead to death?
  31. Can we know that a person will never repent of sin, and can we know that he or she may never come to know the Lord Jesus Christ?
  32. Is it “sinful” to remain single in a covenant marriage when your spouse has abandoned you?
  33. If a spouse abandons you, does that end a covenant?   
  34. If a spouse abandons you, is it possible that he or she may repent and seek reconciliation?
  35. What does it mean when Paul called the individual believer a “minister of reconciliation”? (2 Cor 5:17-6:10)
  36. Would an “ambassador of Christ” divorce his or her spouse, or believe a divorce ends a one-flesh covenant of marriage?
  37. What does it mean when the Lord Jesus Christ said to “love your enemies”? (Matthew 5:43-48)
  38. What is the Lord saying in these verses? (Matthew 19:29; Mark 10:29; Luke 18:29)
  39. If we are in Christ, how can divorce, or the very thought of divorce be an option? (Eph 4:17-32)
  40. Is divorce compatible to the Gospel, and is marriage a reflection of God’s love for creatures deserving of death? (Eph 5:31,32)  
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