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What We Need Most On This "National Marriage Week"

The week of February 7th to the 14th is commonly designated as National Marriage Week. What is marriage? If we ask anyone off the street you might get a hundred and one answers. But what is marriage? I, and many others believe that marriage is defined by the God of the universe and that if your definition does not agree with His, your definition is false. What is the definition of Marriage?

There are many who understand marriage because God made men and women in His image. So, when someone says that marriage is a lifetime commitment of one man and one woman, there is very little argument except for maybe some “inclusions”. Yet, these inclusions, as false as they may be, always seem to believe that marriage is a lifetime commitment…” till death do we part”.

Even the Reformers and Catholics will tell you that marriage is God’s design and that God intended this union to be a lifetime union. Just ask marriage defender Eric Metaxas. If you do not know Eric, he is an bestselling author and true champion of religious liberty. 

In a recent article, Eric challenged Christians to change the culture by standing for biblical marriage, Eric believes that marriage definition is one man and one woman…but I question if he believes that marriage is for life... 

It's almost become a cliché to say that marriage is under attack in America.~ Eric Metaxas

Eric, marriage was under attack since the beginning. Read Genesis 3, the enemy of our souls did not attack man until he was with his wife. That continued throughout the Bible and we see it in the so-called churches today. The fact is that marriage is not even holy in the congregations and denominations anymore. It is only those believers who love the Lord who speak the truth of marriage. 

The greatest deception in the churches today are the lies of the Westminster Confession of Faith and those clergy who insist on defending divorce and remarriage with exceptions and privileges. They do not defend marriage.

Yet, Eric and men like Russell Moore of the ERLC will tell us that the defense of marriage starts with the church:

This will also require an unflinching commitment to teaching what the Bible says about marriage as a lifelong commitment between a man and a woman under God's loving care. ~ Eric Metaxas

I like what standerinfamilycourt had to say about this in a recent post.

“During this week (February 7 - 14 is National Marriage Week.), there will be much going on that is vital and valuable to our nation, but there will be no getting away from the fact that in the corrupted culture of contemporary evangelicaldom, it will be "finders keepers", and millions in faux "marriages" which are not holy matrimony, will be encouraged to stay there at the peril of their very souls.”

“Talking about marriage "permanence" is politically acceptable to this crowd, but it will not resolve the nation's problems because it will not touch the root issue. Rather, the message needs to be around the far more relevant and offensive topic of holy matrimony indissolubility, according to Matt.19:6,8 and #LukeSixteenEighteen. This needs to be in the heaven-or-hell terms that Jesus and Paul unflinchingly cast it.”

Standerinfamilycourt has written many articles on the failings of the church to properly define marriage as the Lord defines marriage. Not to mention, many articles on the “unconstitutional” no-fault divorce laws. These latter issues are all but ignored in churches today. It is no wonder that cohabitation is overlooked, homosexuality is ignored, and transgenderism is widely accepted in many denominations today. Is it only a matter of time when men like Metaxas and Moore capitulate on these issues too?
Or will men like Metaxas and Moore step up the plate, admit how wrong they are , and boldly speak the truth…the truth like standerinfamilycourt and other are speaking. In fact, I thought it totally necessary to share the list that standerinfamilycourt prepared that would most likely NOT be on this years agenda:

- When will pastors stop performing weddings that Jesus repeatedly called adulterous (and tell the congregation why) ?

- When will pastors stop signing civil marriage licenses that reflect the only unenforceable contract in American history, and which since 1970, in no way corresponds to Christ's Matt. 19:4-6 definition of marriage?

- When will pastors stop smearing and stigmatizing the growing stream of true disciples of Jesus Christ who are coming out of adulterous civil unions to in order to recover their inheritance in the kingdom of God? [1 Cor. 6:9-10; Gal 5:19-21-KJV)

- When will repealing unilateral divorce in all 50 states become as high a moral priority as outlawing the slave trade, or repealing Row. v. Wade, or ending sodomous "marriages" ?
Please join me and others in praying for this nation to repent and reform to the truth of marriage as one man and one woman for life. The consequences of abusing marriage definition over the years are many, but these consequences pail in comparison to the millions who will spend eternity in Hell should they not repent of adultery.

I too pray for men like Eric Metaxas who was given the privilege to be a voice for marriage. I pray that he would repent of ever believing that God would allow for marriages to dissolve in the face of sin, when He has given His only Son to be the propitiation of that sin. The Gospel does not have power if it is used in such a way as to keep "remarriages" together when it is a representation of keeping one-flesh covenant marriages together.

Eph 5:31-32 For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh. This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.

In Christ' love,


The word of God speaks the truth of marriage!


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