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Marriage-Permanence vs Popular

The Permanence Marriage.
  1. Stands on solid biblical hermeneutics and principles.
  2. Promotes a lifetime one-flesh covenant of marriage between 1 man and 1 woman till death.
  3. Promotes selflessness. 
  4. Forgiveness is the essential prerequisite in this marriage.
  5. Repentance of sin is essential in this marriage.
  6. Grace and truth abound in this covenant.
  7. Faith in God is required regardless of the circumstance.
  8. Divorce, which is centered on a hard heart, is not an option.
The Popular Marriage.
  1. Stands on ignored scriptures and less then sound biblical hermeneutics and principles. 
  2. Promotes a lifetime covenant of marriage with exceptions.
  3. Promotes selfishness.
  4. Forgiveness only applies in most, but not all cases.
  5. Repentance is not required in some cases since forgiveness is subjective.
  6. Grace abounds, but is also subjective.
  7. Faith in God is also subjective to whether or not a spouse is willing to remain in the marriage based on their subjective view on when to leave or stay in the marriage.
  8. Divorce is an option, though not recommended. In the case of martial infidelity, the "innocent" spouse has the option to forgive, seek repentance from the "guilty" spouse, and/or both so there is reconciliation of the marriage. However, the "innocent" spouse is not required to forgive, seek repentance from the "guilty" spouse. Divorce is also an option if an "unbelieving" spouse leaves the marriage. 
  9. Remarriage after divorce is acceptable if a spouse is the "innocent" party in martial infidelity. In some, not all cases, the "guilty" party is never allowed to remarry and must remain single. In some, not all cases, the "guilty" party is never allowed to remarry unless the innocent spouse remarries. In some, but not all cases, the "guilty" spouse may remarry after divorce regardless of the "innocent" spouse actions. 
The pros and cons of Permanence Marriage.
The pros:
  1. Puts marriage as the highest standard in which we base the definitions of love, forgiveness, gender roles, procreation, parenting, and social reform. 
  2. Makes marriage one of the most profound and important decisions in the life of an individual.
  3. Provides a sound foundation for the family unit for all of society.
  4. Exhibits a sound definition of forgiveness, grace, and love. 
  5. Represents the relationship that Christ has with His church.
  6. The push for same-sex marriage or any other marriage re-definition has no merit against this view.
The cons:
  1. Is not widely accepted by the standards of the world. 
  2. Is not widely accepted by the Evangelical church.
  3. Is under constant attack from the enemies of God.
  4. May require one spouse to stand for the covenant in spite of the decisions of a wayward spouse.
The pros and cons of Popular Marriage.

The pros:

  1. The fact that there is so much subjectivity in this popular view causes many to ask questions. These questions cause many to search the truth of God’s word. This causes some to reconsider this view to the point of repentance from this view to a view of the permanence of marriage.
  2. Some children make a concerted effort to not repeat the pain of divorce by adhering to the permanence view of marriage as adults. They know all too well the pain that the divorce of their parents has caused in their lives.
  3. Some adults who divorced and remarried begin to search the truth of scripture and the permanence of marriage. They have since repented of their divorce and remarriage.

Note: The pros of this marriage have considerable consequences because of the pain subjected by the failed definition of this popular marriage. It must be noted that God restores the broken lives of those who have experienced and repented from the many faults and failures of this popular marriage.

The cons:
  1. The enemy has a firm grasp on this popular marriage. 
  2. The majority of the world recognizes this marriage and it is widely acceptable by man. This may seem like a "pro" until one compares scripture to those who love the world as to those who remain obedient to God.
  3. Since divorce and remarriage are acceptable, there is very little discernment as to who is able to divorce and remarry as opposed to who may not. Since many congregations differ on various interpretations of scripture, a reason to divorce may be acceptable in one area and frowned upon in the next. This subjectivity is contrary to the objective word of God and is a poor representation of Christ.
  4. Since divorce and remarriage is as an option entering marriage, there is a loophole in place to exit the marriage if it does not work out.
  5.  Since forgiveness is subjective, those who believe they had biblical grounds to divorce in the case of infidelity may error if the "guilty" spouse repents.
  6. When grace is used without truth, there is contradiction. A person who seeks grace to "remarry" after divorce, may actually deny grace to a spouse in order to reconcile a marriage. If there is an "innocent" spouse in the case of martial unfaithfulness, it is possible that remaining in the marriage to wait for repentance from the "guilty" spouse is a very real possibility. Not waiting is a clear indication that grace and truth need not apply. 
  7. The statistics of divorce are astounding and tragic. Divorce leaves a path of destruction on the lives of individuals, families, friends and co-workers.
  8. The statistics of divorce and remarriage within the church leave a black mark on anyone trying to make a stand against same-sex marriage. The biggest attack by the LGBT against "popular" marriage is the fact that there are so many divorces and remarriages within the professing church.
  9. Children have lasting effects when subjected to divorce and remarriage. These effects last well into adulthood and often lead them to divorce themselves.
  10. Blended families of remarriage create many more problems.
  11. It demonstrates to the children that marriage is not a permanent decision.
  12. This view of marriage is contrary to the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. 
  13. This view promotes unforgiveness and adultery. This could and will have eternal consequences if not repented. 
  14. The fact that many, many clergy promote this view is astounding. Since these hirelings promote a false view of marriage, it is a clear indication that this clergy/laity system may be the underlying problem. A church system that time and time contradicts the early church of Acts is a sure indication that we should compare the word of God to what we thought to be true.

Eph 5:31 For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.32 This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church. 33 Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband.
In Christ’s love,

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